shares of internet companies. Trade or trading is a process of buying and selling to make profits and be in any commodity tangible or intangible, and tangible goods such as primary metals and materials manufacturers and dispute and the intangibles such as patents, trademarks and other, so it is evident that trade is only an exchange between two parties of two different commodities for profit or loss. With the rapid development and remarkable growth in trade and the buying and selling new methods and techniques have emerged to make it easier to participate in projects and large companies that are unable to implement a single person or a modest capital investors and here emerged the so-called subscription and stock trading. The difference between the two is simple subscription is for companies that have been newly established or when raising capital is currently the list, meaning that the IPO shares for the first time, either trade shares are selling these stocks or purchased after the IPO previously, here must Intelligent rolling to invest his money in existing companies and has a reputation, which paid for the share trading operations purchase or sale of major companies have huge capital such as Coca-Cola, Apple, and Facebook, and others 7969