To earn from sales commission(s) one has to choose a perfect product and commission structure.The choice may be a short sales cycle like electronics, clothes, and or cosmetics. Some products or services require a single cold call, like magazine subscriptions. Contrary to other products like selling computer systems, cars which may have long sales cycles that last for days or for several months. Sales are calculated in various ways depending on the type of company, industry, or services.Better to read the terms before signing any agreement. A straight commission is one which is an immediate sale, closed after a short time. Another which is a base salary commission in which a salesperson receives a regular salary plus performance-based commissions.All in all the more you sell, the more money you’ll make.There are various techniques to use to sell well like offering something free or sentences like ’Only two days are left to get this product at this price’ and so on and so forth.A trial offer may also bring you new customers.Always think of products that make people’s lives easier.But what works more is the technique of relationship selling: yes it works well because you’ll have a kind of word-by-mouth advertising and your customers will come back again and again.To top it all is to be all ears with your customers’ needs because you have shown them interest and care: you are on the way of having a trustful customer who may confide to you.As a seller never try to put any high pressure on the clients otherwise they will react negatively.Be ’ a piece of a puzzle game’ for their needs.Being friendly with lower pressure in words and actions works wonders. 67775