russian movies 1. Work out what they really want. Finding out what your customers want is the beginning and end of your marketing efforts. Get this right, and you can make mistakes with the rest of this list and still make sales. Get it wrong, and you will struggle no matter how well you execute the rest.If you’re a service provider working closely with clients, this is relatively easy – since clients will tell you about their problems, challenges, loves, and hates. They’ll let you know when you’re giving them what they want – and vice versa! So pay attention to what they tell you and use it to improve your service – and develop new offerings. If you’re selling products or artworks without so much interaction with your customers, it’s a little harder but still doable. Take every opportunity to meet with your customers and talk to them – in ‘real life’ as well as via social media. Working out what your customers want is an ongoing process that involves trial and error. Here are two questions that can help you get the answers faster: Which products/services/artworks are my customers most enthusiastic about? What do they buy from your competitors that you could do better, or with an original twist? 2. Show them you mean business. When a new visitor lands on your website, what’s their first impression? Does it look professional or amateurish? Up-to-date or neglected? Popular or obscure? No prizes for guessing which qualities are more attractive to buyers. Do say: “Hi, I’m Rachel Reynolds, a photographer based in Boston. Welcome to my site – you can browse and buy my pictures in the gallery.” 33883