To sell bitcoin is very easy .Most people have shifted to this new trade because it is unique, not related to any country or to any economy or policies.One may say it is an international currency with which one can trade, or sell them.It has no official price, it is not a fiat currency, unlike other markets. Its price goes up and down.When it comes to selling bitcoins one can reap quick profits from great opportunities at anytime anywhere. To sell a bitcoin one has to choose a site that deals with bitcoin trading to create an account.After buying your bitcoin(s) you can sell them.One may encounter some risks when selling.New users have to start with small amounts selling bitcoins.First and foremost one has to understand the trading strategies, follow market signals, and mainly consult bitcoin charts about Bitcoin’s price history.If being totally a beginner ask for some guidance, get tips, learn techniques and practice strategies on paper first. 28181